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Autofresh is the importer of Layered Sound in Indonesia. We distribute these innovative audio systems through our dealers.


Its patented technology brings a clearer and LIVE music sound in a very simple and light package. Compatible with all major car manufacturer’s audio system, as well as aftermarket systems. In essence, Layered Sound is a set of hidden speakers and an amplifier that should be installed over an existing car audio system.


Dr. Shelley Katz (PhD. Cognition of Expression in Music, University of Surrey) is a musician technologist. He is a performing artist and audio sound technologist, inventor, designer and researcher.
Dr. Katz is the technology consultant for Layered Sound Technology Limited based in USA. He seeks to make audio technology to serve the human experiences of music – live performances.

What is Layered Sound?
In scientific term, Layered Sound is a method of designing loud speaker and audio system to propagate sound with an air disturbance pattern that closely emulate the physical characteristic of sound usually experiences only in the best concert hall.
In Dr. Katz’s view, the best sound is natural sound. The sound of waterfall, the sound of a mother singing lullaby to a child, the sound of the beautiful traditional musical instrument.
From his experience the conventional loud speaker do not provide him with a faithful reproduction of this instrument that is the same as the experience that he has when he hears this instrument or human voice in live performance.

Why not?
Natural sound heard in a room or a concert hall can be described as having two parts, two components, and depending on the relationship between these two components. We, human being will find the sound easier to listen, easier to understand and easier to enjoy. In short, we will find it more Natural.
The two components are the direct (coherent) sound and the indirect (reflective) sound.
The characteristics, as we recognized.

Imagine yourself in a small closet that is filled with clothing holding a conversation with another person. The sound will be very dry, it wouldn’t have any spaciousness, which is the sound of coherent sound, very direct.
If you imagine yourself in the back of a church and you are listening to the sound in the church, that is incoherent, and very reflective sound. It is hard to tell where the sound comes from.

Now, if we could combine those two sounds, and combine producing those two sounds, then you will have Layered Sound, that is in fact what Dr. Katz had achieved.


Layered Sound has the technology and methods of building and designing loud speaker and audio system so that we are able to create the sound wave to move the air so that it has the same characteristic of both of those kind of sounds combined into the same system.

We do that without digital signal processing and without any affect. We can use the effect to enhance sound and make it even better, if that is the goal but what we need first, what sound needs is physically in term of how does it moves the air so that we experience the physical characteristic and pattern in the air, the way to do that simply and effectively is with Layered Sound.

Why does Layered Sound matter?

      • Live concert sounds in your car!
      • the difference is easy to hear (push buttons for ON and OFF)
      • the difference can be measured (for those who don’t believe their ears…)
      • it’s easy to demonstrate
      • it can be demonstrated on location
      • it’s easy to install
      • it can reduce the cost of an installation by reducing man-hours and materials
      • it provides the option to upgrade existing systems, rather than to replace them

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